My Top Meeting Spot in London

My Top Meeting Spot in London Let’s face it, most meeting venues are fairly dull and dare I say it, corporate.  As Flare is based out of central London and as the need for meetings in town has been growing,  I set about looking for somewhere that is inspiring, creative, fun and full of like [...]

Exchanging Ideas with Flare

Exchanging Ideas with Flare Welcome to the #FlareExchange – one night, one core connector (us) putting you in touch with movers, shakers and decision makers. In 1994 Kevin Bacon catapulted the Six Degrees of Separation into our worlds. Fun as it was, today we are bringing this theory into business and cutting out the middle [...]

You’re only as good as your last….

You’re only as good as your last…. In this digital age that statement is not strictly true anymore. With more and more brands communicating with consumers via social media, the average customer is bombarded with somewhere in the region of 1600 brand messages per day, a recent study showed. Word of mouth advertising has long [...]